Your Concierge Service for people with a property in Marbella who prioritize their peace of mind.

Caring your Nap Time
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Napkeepers provides a series of personalized services related to your property and stay in Marbella, assuring that you spend your time enjoying life on the Costa del Sol.

Concierge Assistance

We make your life easier in Marbella with a permanent and personalized support, taking care of planned activities and unexpected issues, to make your stay as pleasant as possible: Transfer to and from the airport, assistance in case of illness, home services, etc.

Property Financial Optimization & Maintenance

Speaking Spanish won´t be a requirement to be able to attend the providers of your house. We optimize relationships with suppliers (Electricity, Water, Safety, Insurance, Pest Control, etc) and proporcionate assistance with Financial matters. Follow up of maintenance tasks and coordination of third parties contractors.

Community of Owners

Enjoy your free time without attending Neighbour endless meetings, we represent you at general meetings where budgets, representatives, reforms, providers and so on are decided. Participating in community meetings is a time-consuming activity: ensure your presence, make sure you maintain the value of the property.

We help you

Availability 24/7.

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    Permanent Assistance

    You will never be alone in Marbella, any assistance you required (legal, medical or others) can be arranged. Your personal Concierge is always available to help you.

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    Do you feel you are not informed enough about important issues?. Every week you will be reported about the state of your property in Marbella. We are committed to work hard to communicate clearly and we are always open or able to answer any query or guide you to any attention.

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    Your team is here, you will be supported by us

    Your support team in Marbella works and fights for your needs as if they were their own, Napkeepers team acts coordinated to protect your interest.

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    Gaining your confidence, our reason of existing

    We need your confidence, that is why we practice a culture of Transparency. We are honest and direct transparency is our ethics for business. we translate the real pncture of what happens in and with your property

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Our Team

We do not know who is the author, but we love this quote: "Success is being in charge of your lifestyle and creating something you’re proud of, surrounded by people you love."

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Carmen Perez

Customer Service Leader

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Marcelino Perez


We are the right professionals to help people that put first their most valuable asset: time, and that appreciate effectiveness and warmth.

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It is not so much our friends´help that helps us, as the confidence of their help. -Epicurus-